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CAA Careers: Internship advice from Studio AKA

Who are Studio AKA?

Studio AKA is a London-based animation studio producing television commercials, TV programmes and short films, most notably the BAFTA kids' award winning 'Hey Duggee'.

They describe themselves as '... a close knit team that include, directors, designers, animators, writers, technical artists & producers who create & consult on projects with a strong emphasis on Story, Design & Character ...'

Studio AKA take on interns, and have provided some advice on how to best approach them for a position;

1.  Send a SHORT introductory email, outlining what you are looking for.
2.  Put something relevant in the subject field so we can find your email later.
3.  We go straight to the work so long emails are going to get skimmed over.
4.  We don't need your life story yet - we can find that out later.
5.  We only look at CV's if we already love your work ...
6.  Send NO ATTACHMENTS via emails, they can get caught up in firewalls.
7.  However, we MUST see some work! An email asking for employment or an internship, without a link to your work, is an instant no.
8.  Just send us a VIMEO link to your reel (don’t use YouTube as we get distracted by the cat videos in the sidebar).
9.  An Online portfolio, Tumbler or weblink is also better than an PDF.
10.  Only show us your very best work. Even if that’s just a single shot. We can always look at longer films & clips once we’re hooked on you..
11. As with all applications, please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive on a daily basis, we are unable to give any immediate feedback. We do look at everything we receive and you will receive an acknowledgement of your mail. We will only respond further if and where appropriate to follow up.

Check out the Studio AKA showreel HERE