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CAA Careers: Crafting the perfect showreel

In this feature, written for 3D World and previously published in a different form in that magazine, you’ll find tips direct from the people who see reels at a range of animation, VFX, games and architecture studios. There will also be general tips on how you should craft a reel tailored to a specific job.

Eddie Leon is the President and CEO of US architecture visualisation studio Spine3D. His idea of the perfect reel is one that is diverse and eye-catching. “It should show a range of talent regardless of the position you are applying for,” says Leon. “Everything from the choice of fonts and colours in the titling to the pace of the music and editing must be chosen carefully. This helps to determine whether or not the artist has a good eye. Technical skills can be taught on the job, but a good sense of colour and composition is hard to teach. It is something that is almost natural to some artists."  

He says that another point to consider is that most 3D companies are small. “So an artist might seem to have a higher value if they can show skills beyond their core expertise,” he advises. “As the economy worsens many companies are forced to diversify and look for new projects in different industries. Their ability to adapt will help them survive. Artists that are willing and able to learn new skills can also help guarantee that they will not become redundant.”


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