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CAA Careers: 8 ultra-useful Maya tips for beginners - in under 4 minutes!

Ok, so I know that none of you are strictly Maya beginners anymore, but here is a useful little video produced by David Mattock, of Full Rotation Design and Animation, that covers some of the basics - here's what is featured!

TIP 01:  Focus the camera on one area   | Video timecode: 0.05

TIP 02:  Snapping like a pro    | Video timecode: 0.22

TIP 03:  Move multiple keyframes   | Video timecode: 0.54

TIP 04:  Move the pivot point    | Video timecode: 1.15

TIP 05:  Soft selection   | Video timecode: 1.36

TIP 06:  Duplicate special    | Video timecode: 1.53

TIP 07:  Texture to polys    | Video timecode: 2.24

TIP 08:  Combine two objects & Bridging     | Video timecode: 2.58

Watch the video HERE

You can find out more about Full Rotation HERE