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FAO Everyone: CAA Trip to see Aladdin?

I'm planning a trip to see Aladdin - The Musical for all of us in Reading Week; we've got a quote for the tickets for Thursday 1st March - with tickets @ £33.50 each. We'd be in the stalls - so the front part of the theatre, so good seats.  We'd need to factor in a coach too, so we'd probably be looking at paying around £50 per person.  The quote is against all of us going - so 70+ people - and they need payment by January 26th!  We'd organise it via the UCA Online Store and we'd need to move pretty fast so they keep the seats.  I'm happy to hear expressions of interest from graduates too - the important thing is we get the numbers.  It's not quite Florence, I know, but it would be something for us to look forward to!   Please leave a comment on this post if you want this to happen (in the knowledge the money would have to come pretty fast!).  Spread the word too - get this out there asap! I look forward to hearing from you.


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