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FAO CAA Yr 3: Thesis/Extended Thesis Hand-In / Friday 26th January 4-5pm

This is a timely reminder to all our hard-working third years who I know are heads-down and banging away at their 8000 - or 16000 - word theses.  You need to submit 2 printed copies to Campus Registry on Friday 26th January between 4pm and 5pm, including an Assessment Cover Sheet per copy.  You likewise need to upload a digital copy to Turnitin and include the ID number on your two cover sheets.  Your hard-copy theses need to be bound - which means you need to print your documents with sufficient time to prepare them for submission.  Please be aware Campus Registry cannot - and will not - accept submissions even a few seconds after 5pm, so don't take any risks!  Aim for 4pm - not 5pm.  I know you're deep in the trenches at the moment and maybe feeling a little like this about your writing...

... but keep on trucking.  You're doing a big difficult and impressive thing!  
Best of luck for the final push!  We're thinking of you.