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FAO CAA Year 1: Soundscape & From Script To Screen Project Briefs Available Now on myUCA

Your new project briefs - Soundscapes / From Script To Screen - are available now on myUCA under 'RCAA4007 Story'. You will also find an abundance of supporting material and learning resources in support of your learning - character design hints and tips, storyboarding conventions, camera angle advice, and so on. You'll likewise be able to explore the cinematic delights of the Term 2 film programme and I suggest you begin your wider-reading now.  Please familiarise yourself with your briefs and the learning materials; doing so will make you far more primed and receptive for the creative challenges of Term 2.

Just a note: maintenance work is being carried out on myUCA until January 4th, which may mean your access is intermittent. Do not worry - it should all be plain-sailing by Friday.


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