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FAO CAA Year 2: Collaboration and Toolkit 2 Submission Checklist

Collaboration: Thursday 14th December

As a group...

1) An animated short: Show this first before giving your presentation.
2) A presentation (crit): Nominate one studio member to be your 'professional' spokesperson.
3) A making of document: You can use this to present from if necessary or create a more bespoke presentation document.
4) A studio blog: Up to date and containing all of the groups work.
5) Basecamp: Please make sure your Basecamp is up to date, contains your animated short, making of document, and any other materials you think are relevant for assessment. 

Note: Please, do not delete or add anything to basecamp or your studio blogs after the final critique.

As individuals...

1) Personal blog: Please make sure your personal blog is up to date and contains your contribution to the Collaboration project.
2) Film reviews: Create a single post on your blog with links to your film reviews. The deadline for the film reviews is Friday 15th December at 5pm (you have an additional day). 

Toolkit 2 (check in submission): Friday 12th January

Maya: Pipeline 1 Head modelling (show the final model and mesh)
Maya: Pipeline 1 Body modelling (show the final model and mesh)
Maya: Pipeline 1 UV Layout (show the final model and UV Maps)
Maya: Lighting & Rendering 2 (Tutorials 1 - 13)
Animation: Weightlifting exercise (create a final playblast)
Animation: Animation contribution to the Collaboration project
Drawing: Character design production bible (uploaded as a PDF document)
Drawing: Life Drawing (photographs of your drawings from term 1)

Note: For Toolkit 2, please create one final blog post containing links to the list above (your previous posts).

Good luck everyone.