Sunday, July 09, 2017

Post With The Most New Designers 2017 Special Edition

Welcome to this special edition of the Computer Animation Arts PWTM showcasing the final films of our 'Class of 2017' CAA grads who spent last week exhibiting their work at New Designers, Islington, London.  New Designers is an annual showcase of the very best in graduate design from universities around the UK. New Designers is affiliated with scores of leading companies and organisations which recognise the value of design education and its contribution to the UK's creative industries. The graduates of BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts have won multiple awards at New Designers and secured internships, commissions and employment.  As importantly, the show compels our bright young things to get into the habit of talking about their work with confidence and getting people to engage with them, which is no small challenge given the scale and competitiveness of a big London show.

You win some and you lose some, and while Computer Animation Arts didn't walk away with any specific silverware this year, our 'Big Brain' show stand was very much the talk of the exhibition. The concept behind this year's design was simple; we wanted a quick visual means of communicating the breadth, depth and range of talents embodied by our graduates.  Put more simply, our grads have huge creative brains and we wanted to show them off!

Computer Animation Arts @ New Designers 2017 # 1

Computer Animation Arts @ New Designers 2017 # 2

 Computer Animation Arts Class of 2017 @ New Designers 2017

So, let's get straight to the good stuff. Enjoy this selection of graduate work and do ensure you explore their content further by visiting they respective blogs and viewing their Art Ofs and showreel content.  Click on our graduates' names to find your way to their giant brains...

Bedtime Story / Charlie Serafini

The Sound Collector #1 / Jack White

The Sound Collector #2 / Jack White

The Sound Collector #3 / Jack White

Genghis / Max Ashby

Trimia #1 / Jamie Wathen

Trimia #2 / Jamie Wathen

Trimia #3 / Jamie Wathen

Hem / Ryan Brand

The Secret Of The Mosquito Queen #1 / Sankavy Balasingam

The Secret Of The Mosquito Queen #2 / Sankavy Balasingam

Stellar! #1  / Catriona Barber & Julien Van Wallendael

Stellar! #2  / Catriona Barber & Julien Van Wallendael

Stellar! #3  / Catriona Barber & Julien Van Wallendael

The Final Word... and it's a simple one: 'Congratulations!'

The graduates & staff of Computer Animation Arts @ New Designers 2017 

They did it!


  1. Hello!!, wow lots of talent you should all feel proud that you were there looks like a really great stand too. Good job all round! Now I’ve had a quick run through. I love the art style of HEM very smooth animation and the framing of some of your shots… awesome. I got a chilly vibe from the mosquito queen… sounds like my primary school head mistress… suitably gross I like it! Lastly Stellar….. Wow. No other words suffice. Good job guys!!

    1. Hey Stitch! Thanks for your kind words - we appreciate it :)

  2. Phil, your beard looks amazing. :) (and so does the stand for that matter!) These years fly by so fast..

    1. haha! old age is a look I'm embracing! X