Friday, July 07, 2017

FAO CAA All years: New Online School "21 Draw" Pre-order Offer

Hi Everyone

Justin came a across a Kickstarter campaign (link) which may interest you all. The campaign itself has now ended but there is still a 'pre-order' still available until 20th July 2017. '21 Draw University' is an online school featuring access to video tutorials from a collection of very talented (and famous) industry artists (see below for a list). The Universities approach is a unique take on art education, featuring different perspectives from artists on the same core subjects. Such as anatomy, character design, creature design, and environment design. The pre-order (link) is a very generous $85 (£65) for access to all of their tutorials. For more info read below.

Taken from Kickstarter...

"About the Project:

21 Draw University is a premium online learning platform with tutorials by top industry artists who have worked for companies like Disney, Marvel, Dreamworks, DC and more.

The biggest problem with most online learning tools today is that usually only one artist will cover one particular art subject. For example, one artist will cover anatomy, another will cover character design and so on. You are only given one opinion on that specific topic.

If you've followed our hugely successful previous projects you'll know that we love to see how different artists approach the same subject, in order to give you more options to develop your own style and voice in that area.

Imagine a platform where you could compare how your favorite artists approach concepts like anatomy, perspective, character design, composition, cityscapes/landscapes and more. You would learn how to draw something in more than one way, making you a better artist in general, but also helping you grow and explore new ways of tackling challenging areas. Enter our new project, 21 Draw University!

This is the ONLY online learning platform that allows you to learn from your favourite artists in this way!

21 Draw University offers you premium art based training for people of all ages and abilities to find the inspiration to pick up a pencil and draw! We're creating a beautiful new and exciting online university offering courses on the following subjects:

Drawing Fundamentals, Anatomy, Character Design, Creature Creation, Environment Design,
Digital Drawing, Fundamentals of Comics, and more.

The Artist Line Up:
Steve Rude 
Warren Louw
Gerardo Sandoval
Charlie Bowater
Loopy Dave
Dave Bardin
Randy Bishop 
Michael Bills
Kenneth Anderson

 Jeffrey Cruz  (The Chamba)
David Rosel


  1. Thanks for posting this Alan! I pre-ordered it so I can start work shopping my characters for next year, I'll post updates on my blog as I do the classes :)


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