Thursday, June 22, 2017

CAA@New Designers 2017: Export Settings and Deadline

Attention all New Designers Exhibitors!

For New Designers we're going to be using Media Players to play your films. However, whilst these boxes are very useful and convenient they are also notoriously 'picky' about what they play correctly. So, in order to negate (or limit) any issues can you please make sure you adhere to the following...

Project (Movie) Settings 

Please make sure that your films have the correct settings when you start. Including, 1920x1080 HD, 24 / 25 / or 30fps (whichever frame rate as you rendered out of Maya), Pixel Aspect Ratio of 1 (square), 48000 (Audio), 

Premiere Settings

After Effects Settings

Exporting from Premiere or After Effects

Your export settings should include all of the above alongside being H.264 / Mpeg-4. Set the preset to 'Match Source - High Bitrate'. That will give you a variable bitrate of 10 and 12. You can increase this if necessary to improve the quality of the film, for example 12 and 14. However, the maximum should not exceed 20. If you find you have exported a large file (over a gig) then there is a problem in your settings.

Premiere Settings

If you are exporting using After Effects and can't find H.264 / Mpeg-4 you can use the 'Media Encoder' to share export settings with Premiere. 'Export - Add to Media Encoder Queue'. You can access the settings by clicking under the name (H.264 in the image below) 

Media Encoder Queue. 

Film Post Effects & Audio

Please don't use any 'time remapping' post effects such as 'Time Warp' or Time Stretch' to speed up or slow down your film. It will cause stuttering on playback. On occasion we have noticed that audio clips going into and then out of After Effects or Premiere have caused problems due to the conversion process. Make sure that your audio is not being stretched or re-timed to avoid issues where possible.

Testing Your Film

It is important that you test your film ahead of New Designers (several times in some cases). A media player is going to be setup on the TV in the base room the week before New Designers. Please make sure you test your film and OK it with us. It is a good idea to leave time so that you can fix anything that may need fixing. Don't leave it to the last minute to test your film.

The Deadline

The deadline to submit your films to us (after being tested)  is Friday 30th June by 5pm. That's FRIDAY, not Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. FRIDAY. It is too high risk to be turning up to New Designers with an untested film. There is 'very' limited WIFI at the venue too, so Phil and I won't be able to download any films. 

Good Luck Everyone!