Sunday, May 07, 2017

Siggraph 2017 Technical Papers Preview

The worlds longest running computer conference 'Siggraph' is taking place in Los Angeles this year. Part of the conference is the 'Technical Papers' section where artists, computer scientists, and studios (among others) submit their latest research and developments. As you can imagine this is a delicate blend of computer science and art, and the speculative and practical. The video above is a preview of the latest submissions for 2017. In particular take a look at... 

- 1.14s: Text editing narration
- 1.50s: Face mapping to stylised drawing
- 2.00s: Sketch to 3D model


  1. allas the deadlines are well and truly over is it expensive to go and is it worth going

    1. Hi Dan - well, all I can say is that our students who go out there after applying for the Volunteer programme seem to have a blast - search with Siggraph here on the blog and you'll find a bunch of experiences + images etc.