Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Tombola Of Dreams 2017 - Just 2 Days Left To Buy Your Tickets!

There are just 2 days left to purchase your ticket's for Friday evening's Tombola Of Dreams 2017 Prize Draw!  Get your tickets @ the UCA Online Store!  Don't miss out on your chance to win...

A Nintendo Switch!

Dovetail Games : 3 months career mentoring - including: face to face meetings (1 a month), email/skype support, CV/Portfolio review & feedback, interview coaching and advice on getting ready for the world of work.

Dovetail Games : A Studio Tour

GarageFarm.Net Render Credit Vouchers:

1 X $400 of Render Credits
1 X $200 of Render Credits
1 X $100 of Render Credits

Freecom One TeraByte Mobile Drive  x 2

Framed Original Production Storyboard from The Empire Strikes Back

Giant Sci-Fi Beanbags x 2

Mathmos Lava Lamp

Special Edition Monopoly Sets x 5

3D Planar Female Anatomy Figures x 3

Official Game Of Thrones Dragon Eggs Collectible

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures / Deadpool, Ghostface, Xenomorph, Demogorgan, Stitch, Independence Day Alien.

Tetris Lights x 3

Sony WiFi-enable Blu-Ray Player

Tom McDowell's (Art Director @ Hit Entertainment) A1 A-Dinosaur-A-Day Posters x 3

And lots more!!!

And remember, after the tombola, I want to see as many of you as humanly possible at Wetherspoons, Rochester for a pre-holiday wind-down and an inter-year group mingle!  No excuses - this stuff only works if you actually turn up!  Everyone is welcome and no one is expected to drink a *pint* of lager in a single swallow or dance on a table...  It's just chatting, but in a different place.


  1. A 'pink of lager' sounds like something George would have drunk in Rome... ;)