Tuesday, April 04, 2017

FAO CAA Yr 1: Reminder / Contextual Studies Hand-in 4pm - 5pm / Thursday 6th April

A reminder your Contextual Studies Summative essay hand-in is this Thursday between 4pm and 5pm at Campus Registry.  Remember - you'll need to upload your assignment to Turnitin (available now under myUCA/Contextual Studies) and include with your hard copy (the paper copy you hand-in) an Assessment Cover Sheet - this is also on myUCA in readiness for you to download and use.

Important: after 5pm, Campus Registry will not be able to accept your submission - even if you are one minute too late!  This is a formal summative deadline and Campus Registry will be strict.  If you're late - if you miss the deadline - it's about you - not about Campus Registry, so no tears or tantrums please!  Can I suggest you seek to submit your written assignments by 4.30pm at the latest.

Essay Hand-in / Campus Registry (Ground Floor)
4pm - 5pm
Upload your assignment to Turnitin.
Complete and attach Assessment Cover Sheet.

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