Saturday, March 11, 2017

CAA Alumni: Will (Class of 2016) Huntley's Life After Graduation

Since graduating from Computer Animation Arts I have been a full time Graphic Design employee at Ignition Creative; a London and Los Angeles based advertising company focusing on campaigns for Film and Television.

Will Huntley/CAA Class of 2016

My days consist of producing graphics for Film trailers, Digital Out of Home campaigns and many other graphical jobs such as print and product advertisements. These jobs ask me to take on a range of task's that can include editing, animating artwork, rotoscoping and 3D creation.

Since starting at Ignition, there has been a very long list of campaigns I have had the pleasure of working on, including Logan, The Great Wall, Assassin's Creed, Taboo, Sully, The Lost City of Z, Fast and Furious, Live By Night and The Beatles: Eight Day's A Week to name a few.

Working in the design department requires me to be able to use a range of applications such Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D. I am the only one in the design department who has knowledge of 3D so any project that require's it goes through me. Unfortunately, I don't have any examples of my 3D work that I can post but my work has been used for jobs such as Fast and Furious 8, Sully and Taboo.

One of my most recent jobs I have been working on is the Digital Out of Home campaign for Logan. This was also my first lead campaign since starting at Ignition, which means I was head designer throughout the project and produced the majority of the work. 

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is basically any advertising screens that is situated out in the public view; these can be found in places such as train stations, shopping centres and road side billboards. 

One of the screens included in a DOOH campaign is the notorious Waterloo Station screen. This screen always proves tricky when trying to produce an advertisement due to it's enormous size and super wide aspect ratio.

Logan - Waterloo Station Screen

Producing this meant a lot of smoke and mirrors were needed in order to extend the footage beyond it's filmed ratio for it to be shown on this super wide screen without cropping any essential shots. For example, below, the original shot edges are highlighted by the red lines. A range of techniques such as duplicating, scaling, animating and feathering were needed to give the illusion that the shot is wider than it actually is. This then had to be applied to every shot used in the advertisement.

This technique is also sometimes used when producing an ad for the pitch side screen at Manchester United's Old Trafford Stadium.

Logan - Old Trafford Screen

If you'd like to view any more of the Logan campaign I produced you can always head over to the Ignition Website at:

One of the largest campaign's I have worked on so far at Ignition was BBC's television series, Taboo. For this project, we were needed to create a full Trailer, DOOH Campaign and Online Campaign. Below you can see the Taboo TV trailer and a couple of screenshots from our online campaign such as homepage skins and banners for IMDb and Empire.

Taboo - Trailer

Taboo - Online Campaign

 Some other examples of work I have worked on in the past year includes a TV and Trailer campaign for The Lost City of Z. All cards featured in the trailer were originated and created in our design department. 

The Lost City of Z International Trailer

One of the Print projects we produced was for the BFI London Film Festival. This included a special film shoot using loads of glitter and a super slow motion camera. Our work was then featured in magazines, billboards and online advertisements.

BFI London Film Festival Print Campaign

This is just a very small selection of the work I have been working on in the past year. I'm very excited for the future campaigns that I will get to work on with Ignition and hopefully I'll to try to keep my blog updated with what's going on!


  1. Will - thanks so much for doing this - and wonderful to hear all your news - you've been incredibly busy!!!! Well done on being a bit of a star! :)

  2. amazing stuff, very inspiring! well done :)