Sunday, February 26, 2017

FAO Travellers to Rome

Just a quick reminder, as you are packing your cases today...

Remember, it is just ONE piece of hand luggage, so if you have a separate handbag, camera bag, laptop etc, that needs to be able to fit inside your cabin bag.

Don't forget to pack all of your liquids into a clear ziplock bag, no bigger than 20x20cm. Individual bottles must not be bigger than 100ml, and you can have up to 1000ml altogether (but the bag must be able to be closed!) 
Things like toothpaste, foundation, deodorant, other gel-based toiletries all need to go in the clear bag - keep it handy near the top of your case, as you will need to take it out at security and put it through the scanner separately... there's nothing worse than having to start rifling through your packing looking for it, when there is a queue behind you!

See you all bright and early tomorrow!

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