Wednesday, February 15, 2017

FAO Everyone: This Is Important! Thursday 23rd February Needs You!

On Thursday 23rd February, your course is undergoing its five year Periodic Review - which in short means that a panel of interested parties are meeting with the course team to get together to ensure that Computer Animation Arts is as good a course as it can possibly be.  It's a big formal 'Final Crit' sort of a day for course staff and as part of the day's events, the panel members will be coming to take a look at the CAA baseroom and associated computer suites.  What this means for you is simply this: our rooms need to look spic-and-span, with no trace of crisp-packets or whiff of chips!  It also means, if you're working in the rooms - and we'd like the rooms to be as busy as possible - please keep it professional.  Your consideration and cooperation is much appreciated.  If you could ensure your classmates have seen this, that would be great.  Many thanks.

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