Saturday, February 11, 2017

FAO CAA Yr 3: Monday Major Project Tutorials: Attendance Please!

Now the dust has truly settled on your dissertations, you've had your minor project feedback, and the Major project is a living, breathing reality, it's time we all re-grouped and had a chat about where we are and what we're doing.  

I'm expecting to see the following students on Monday morning.  I'm in regular contact with some of you already, but there are others I haven't seen in what feels like weeks.  If you're Major project is an 'all-new' proposal, it's vital we now meet to discuss your idea and get things up and running with some urgency and confidence.

  • 10.00 / Tsygan Productions
  • 10.15  / Charlie
  • 10.30 / Dan H
  • 10.45 / Kavia
  • 11.00 / Ridge
  • 11.15 / Vlad
  • 11.30 / Dan R
  • 11.45 / Tumo
  • 12.00 / Lewis
  • 12.15 / Jamie
  • 12.30 / Ashley
  • 12.45 / Julia

If you could all update your respective blogs with adjusted production schedules prior to Monday's tutorials - i.e. a week-by-week breakdown of what needs to be completed by when as it relates to the final submission date of Friday, 12th May. As of Monday, you have 88 days remaining until your projects need to be completed and submitted. Your schedules should consider realistic rendering times, sound-design, compositing and the production of client-facing 'Art Ofs' etc.

If you're unable to attend this tutorial, just email me at and we'll sort another slot asap.  If you could ensure everyone has seen this message, that would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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