Monday, February 13, 2017

FAO CAA Yr 2: Star Chamber OGR / Monday 20th Feb By 5pm

Just a reminder re. your 'Star Chamber' OGR with Kath Abiker.  You need to have your presentations uploaded to your blog by 5pm on Monday 20th February.  I'll be available in the baseroom from 2pm for anyone who is still experiencing difficulty nailing their enquiry down - but if you get your 'Cones of Cogency' on your blogs before then, I'll do my best to be as clarifying as possible in advance of Monday's deadline.

Please make sure your OGR is on your blog by 5pm - as I'll be sending a list of OGR links to Kath for her convenience.

Kath's feedback will likely 'explode' your structures a little as she encourages you to consider new territories, additional ideas and theorists and other 'must haves' or 'must reads' or 'must includes'. Kath can only react to what you give her, so please take the appropriate time to genuinely engage with formulating your proposals.  The feedback should be bringing something new to your proposals as opposed to pointing you towards something basic you should have researched and collated already.

Kath's feedback may take the form of urls, key vocabulary, book and film recommendations and anything else besides. Your feedback may not be prose - it might be a list.  It might be a challenge to your proposal in the form of another question.   Kath is a seasoned assessor of undergraduate dissertations and has read hundreds in her time.  Her input will be invaluable to guarding against any of you writing a dissertation with some great big obvious hole in it!

And remember the goal: this isn't just another essay you're handing in, never to think about it again.  It is your dissertation proposal - a detailed point-by-point plan and research proforma that could and should allow you to write your draft dissertation with confidence over the Summer, thus ensuring the first term of your third and final year is as straightforward and stress-free as humanly possible!

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