Sunday, February 19, 2017

FAO CAA Yr 2: Reminder: Star Chamber OGR / Monday 20th Feb By 5pm

A further reminder re. your 'Star Chamber' OGR with Kath Abiker.  You need to have your presentations uploaded to your blog by 5pm on Monday.   I'll be available in the baseroom from 2pm for anyone still experiencing difficulty nailing their enquiry down.  However, my expectation is that you are trying to nail your enquiry down and not just bringing me some deficit of effort on your part.

Important: please make sure your OGRs are proof-read prior to publishing for Kath.  Can we ensure your spelling and grammar is polished and typo-free.  Kath has high expectations of year two undergraduates; you've submitted enough assignments and received enough feedback to know very well the importance of professionalism and academic literacy.  Make sure Kath is responding to your ideas and your content only - and not your schoolboy-level errors!  You are all way beyond this stage now.  The OGR requirements ask you to include your Research Proforma: you'll find a word template for this documentation on myUCA/Critical Perspectives/Critical Perspectives 2.  You'll also find the example proforma I provided at the briefing for your guidance.

This OGR represents an invaluable opportunity to enhance and enrich your Dissertation Proposal - please make the very most of it by doing the work it requires of you.  Avoid generic synopses please - be specific: make clear commitments to ideas, methods, concepts and thinkers. Only then, can Kath be of real use.

Kath's feedback will follow as a blog comment on your OGR over the course of the next two weeks. Good luck and do the work.

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