Monday, January 02, 2017

FAO CAA Yr 1: Your Story & Commission Briefs & Supporting Materials Available Now @ myUCA - & A Correction!

"Happy New Year!" I know.  You're feeling bored already.  You're pretty much done with the Quality Street and cold turkey and there's nothing good on television anymore... Time to get your heads back in the game!  Go to myUCA/Storytelling&Commission, where you'll find your new project briefs and a wealth of supporting material.  Not everything will make sense - not until the reappearance of the infamous 'blue box' at your briefings on the 10th  - but there's loads you can be getting to grips with in terms of research, wider reading and practising your practical drawing skills in readiness.

Remember too that your groups have been tweaked a little bit for the new term - see below:

Group A

Jennifer Ball, Michael Brook, Ruth Cann, Ciaran Caul, Rhia Crouch, Noah Greenhalgh, Rachael Holyhead, Maddi Iden, Michael Kuku, Eleanor Row, Anabel Saise, Thanachot Singsamran, Joel Smith, Anastasija Strelcova, Joseph Warrilow

Group B

Samuel Avery, Laura Boots, Jessica Bennett, Michaela Cernejová, Alexis Cornwell, Graeme Daly, David Green, Polly Gwinnet, Paris Lucke, Greta Mongyik, Alex Park, Jack Rushton, Zoe Thornton, Karolina Urlikyte

Also - on your Term 2 timetable, your Thursday CTX sessions are given as starting at 2pm.  This is an error.  Your Thursday CTX sessions will begin at 1.30pm as per last term.  A corrected version of your timetable has been uploaded to myUCA so junk the old one and download the corrected timetable. Please use your various social networks to ensure your classmates have seen this information. Many thanks.

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