Tuesday, January 10, 2017

FAO CAA Yr 1: Storytelling & Commission / Soundscape & FSTS Audio Available @ myUCA + Important Recap!

Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm today - a BIG multi-component briefing, but I got a sense you lot were excited and looking forward to getting stuck in - which is great!  I'm just dropping by to notify you that the audio from both of today's briefings are available now on myUCA.  There are a number of specific follow-up activities I want you to do now, which I'm listing below:

1) If you haven't done so already, get your 3 story words up on your blog and then visit your respective creative partners and offer up some of your immediate ideas to their three words.  I want a virtuous circle of easy, instinctive discussion - everyone gets a nice push at the start of the brief.  For a reminder of whom is in your 'creative collective' go here.  Just to be super clear about how I want this to work: you each offer up your thoughts on the three words of each your creative partners. By the end of the process, you should all have a whole bunch of ideas 'crowd sourced' from everyone else in your collective.  Please don't waste time 'being shy' or worrying about giving the 'right response' - just respond.  It's all good at this stage!

2) If you haven't done so already, please get your three soundscape images uploaded to your blogs for everyone to see - and include your first impressions.

3) You need to look at the examples of previous student work for Soundscape and FSTS as posted here and here.  Please take time to actually look at these examples. I suspect some of your questions as to the how/what/why of these new units will be answered simply by exploring these previous projects in some detail.

4) At today's FSTS briefing, I mentioned a 2nd storyboarding presentation I wanted you to download and look at prior to next Tuesday.  You'll find it @ myUCA/Storytelling&Commission > Project 2: From Script To Screen / Directing With A Pencil - Briefing Presentation 2.  You need to look at this presentation before you attempt your 'like-for-like-storyboard' segment and you need to also study the  glossary of shot-types etc. that is included as part of your FSTS project brief.  Both resources will help you 'see' the variety of shots in your chosen section.  Please explore the Storyboarding Resources folder on myUCA/Storytelling&Commission>Project 2: From Script To Screen.

5) Please explore both the Script Writing and Character Design resource folders on myUCA/Storytelling&Commission > Project 2: From Script To Screen - you'll need them to get the very most from your story development process and your Character Design classes with Justin Wyatt.

6) And finally - sit down with your briefs, sit down with your timetable and start to work out a strategy by which you can achieve your goals!


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