Sunday, January 08, 2017

FAO CAA Yr 1: Reminder / Your A/B Groups Have Changed!

Just a reminder that, for some of you, your Group A & B designations have changed and this will have a bearing on which class you attended first tomorrow morning.  Please look at the groups given below and then at your Term 2 timetable to avoid any confusion first thing tomorrow morning.  Please ensure your classmates have seen this notification. Many thanks!

Group A

Jennifer Ball, Michael Brook, Ruth Cann, Ciaran Caul, Rhia Crouch, Noah Greenhalgh, Rachael Holyhead, Maddi Iden, Michael Kuku, Eleanor Row, Anabel Saise, Thanachot Singsamran, Anastasija Strelcova, Joseph Warrilow

Group B

Samuel Avery, Laura Boots, Jess Bennett, Michaela Cernejov√°, Alexis Cornwell, Graeme Daly, David Green, Polly Gwinnet, Paris Lucke, Greta Mongyik, Alex Park, Jack Rushton, Zoe Thornton, Karolina Urlikyte

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