Sunday, January 08, 2017

FAO CAA YEAR 3:Minor Project Submission Guidlines

For the Minor Project submission please follow the guidelines listed below:

1) When?

The deadline is by 5pm on Thursday 12th January. 
Please Note: No work will be accepted after this point either online or in person. 

2) Where?

Submitted in two places: 

Online - Uploaded to your blog (in one post).

In Person - Copied to a 'submission PC' in the blue room (indicated on the day).

3) What?

Blog - Your blog submission should contain all relevant work, including your final film / piece of work, a making of document, and any relevant supporting material such as a pre-viz or animatic, a script, an audio recording, or any associated images. An example of a 'best practice / ideal' submission can be found here on Will Huntley's blog (graduating class of 2016) - Please note the 'technical document' in Will's post in not required in your submission.

Submission PC - Submit (copy) the same work as in your blog post (detailed above). Please note no Maya files are required but may be request at a later date.

4) Before leaving.

Please make sure you sign the register to indicate that you have submitted your work in person and check all files have copied and can be played / seen successfully.

Good luck everyone!

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