Sunday, December 18, 2016

FAO CAA Year 1: Term 2/3 Timetable

A few of you have been asking for your 2017 Term2/3 timetable so you can begin to plan your respective schedules in terms of your part-time jobs etc.  See below.  The PDF version is available on myUCA under Storytelling & Commission. Please note, we've rebooted your A & B groups to mix things up and get you working alongside some different faces in 2017.  Some of you are staying put, some of you are switching around.  Your new A & B groups are listed below.  Please make a note of them and share this notification widely to ensure your classmates are primed and ready for January 9th, 2017.

Group A

Jennifer Ball, Michael Brook, Ruth Cann, Ciaran Caul, Rhia Crouch, Noah Greenhalgh, Rachael Holyhead, Maddi Iden, Michael Kuku, Eleanor Row, Anabel Saise, Thanachot Singsamran, Joel Smith, Anastasija Strelcova, Joseph Warrilow

Group B

Samuel Avery, Laura Boots, Jessica Bennett, Michaela Cernejov√°, Alexis Cornwell, Graeme Daly, David Green, Polly Gwinnet, Paris Lucke, Greta Mongyik, Alex Park, Jack Rushton, Zoe Thornton, Karolina Urlikyte



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