Tuesday, November 01, 2016

FAO CAA Yr 3: I Need Your Opinion / Baseroom 9th November @ 11am

As some of you know already, Computer Animation Arts is up for Periodic Review in February 2017, which is the opportunity for the course team to reflect on the structure of the exiting course and suggest any tweaks to ensure the student experience continues to be rewarding and also ensure the course keeps meeting the expectations of industry and potential employers.  As an integral part of that process, we need to seek your views on any proposed changes and consider your views as part of the review.

We've got some ideas as to changes we'd like to make and I'd like to present them to you at 11am in the CAA Baseroom on Wednesday 9th November.  It will only take an hour at most.  As you're our current crop of veterans, we think you're in the best position to inform our views, having experienced the course 'as is'.

So - 11am, CAA Baseroom, November 9th for a short presentation followed by a discussion.  Thanks in advance!  If you could ensure your fellow third years have seen this message, that would be helpful.

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