Sunday, November 20, 2016

FAO CAA Yr 3: Draft Dissertation Submission

Just a timely reminder re. the expectations around the submission of your draft dissertations tomorrow (Monday 21st).  You're required to hand-in a single hard-copy to Campus Registry between 4pm and 5pm (though you can hand-in earlier if it suits) and you're required to submit your draft via Turnitin on myUCA.  You'll find the Turnitin submission under the Dissertation unit code link.  Don't worry - Turnitin has been set up to 'not' remember your draft dissertation, which means you won't be accused of plagiarising yourself when you submit your completed dissertations in January.

In terms of 'what' you should submit, I've been advising students to seek to ensure they submit at least one complete chapter that is fully representative of the finished submission: i.e. it should read and look like a polished, professionally presented work of academic writing.   This way, when I offer feedback on this chapter, it's not yet more feedback on a 'work in progress', and any advice you receive can be carried forward usefully into your approach to writing of Chapters 2 and 3.  Ideally, you might have 2 of your 3 Chapters completed by tomorrow's deadline to the same standard - if not, what I want are detailed paragraph-by-paragraph structures for your other chapters, so I can see clearly the complete through-line of your arguments and the ways in which you're intending to use supporting evidence (which includes illustrations).

In summary then: I want to be able to feedback on at least one completed chapter (in all aspects) and on the complete through-line of your argument.  This way, I can seek to be as useful to you as possible in terms of feedback.  Best of luck - and get it done.


  1. i understand that it is supposed to be like the final hand in do we need are bibliography as we are handing it in to turn it in as i fought id check

  2. Hi Dan - saw this late, apologies - the draft submission is about soliciting useful feedback; if there isn't a bibliography, I'll just assume it's because it's a draft, not because you've suddenly forgotten how to do one, or why to do one :)