Thursday, November 03, 2016

FAO CAA Year 2: Character OGR Monday 7th November and Timetable Changes

Character OGR (Online Green Light Review)

 Please upload a PDF document containing the following to your blogs by Monday 7th November.

Please include...

1) Your sound clip number.
2) A written transcript of your sound clip.
3) Any analysis of the sound clip you've made.
4) Any early ideas that were rejected.
5) A written outline of your chosen idea - What is it? How does it work? And why?
6) Visual research for each aspect of your idea - Character, Background, & Props.
7) Preliminary sketches for any character, environment, or prop designs.
8) Any 'evolved' designs which have been taken forward, refined, and improved upon so far.
9) Any other relevant work - E.g. a storyboard.
10) Finally, a reflective statement exploring the current status of the project. 

Remember the goal of this project is 'refinement' so you're OGR (the mid-point of the project) should convince us that you're ready to take your ideas and designs forward and improve upon them again.

Feedback will be given in person by Justin and myself in your Character Class on Tuesday 8th November.


Please make a note of the following changes...

1) Thursday 10th November:
Due to the 3rd Year Interim Crit there will be no lecture, film screening, & Maya class.

2) Thursday 17th November (am):
A lecture & film screening will take place instead of the Interim Critique.

You can download a new version of the timetable on MyUCA.

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