Tuesday, November 15, 2016

CAA in Rome 2017 / Buy Your £30 Meal Ticket Now!

Okay - it's time to purchase your £30 Meal Ticket in advance of our forthcoming adventure in Rome next year!  It's all set up for you on the online store - go here  to make your purchase.  Just to remind you then - this gets us a group meal on the night of our arrival in Rome (trust me, you'll be pleased that something is sorted after a very long day...) and another group meal on the night before we head back to the UK.

Typically, we have to move quite quickly on this to secure our bookings at the restaurants, so if you could make your purchase by Friday 25th November @ 4pm.  If you could ensure all our fellow Romans have seen this message, I'd appreciate it.  Spread the word!

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