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FAO Everyone: Visiting Lecturers Paul Larson & Laura Beaumont / Scriptwriters For Animation 03/11/2016

Paul Larson and Laura Beaumont, script writers for HIT Entertainment's Fireman Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine and Mike The Knight are coming to speak with us on Thursday, November 3rd at 2pm in Lecture Theatre 1.  This is the Thursday of your reading week, but your attendance is mandatory - after all, why wouldn't you want to hear two animation professionals talk about their careers? More information will follow soon - as Paul and Laura are interested in doing some story-based workshops with you too.  This is a great a opportunity, so spread the word and ensure your classmates (and alumni) have seen this.  Many thanks.


  1. What do we do about the lesson we are scheduled for? do we head back to the lesson after the lecture?

  2. There are no lessons scheduled as it's Reading Week :)


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