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FAO Everyone: Rome 2017 - 19 Remaining Places / Deadline for Payment This Thursday!

There are 19 available places for CAA @ Rome 2017.  The costings for the trip were worked out using the expressions of interest on this post and there were at least 35 students and alumni interested in going.  Sadly, last year's trip was cancelled ultimately because student interest didn't translate into payments and I'm really hoping we can avoid that scenario this time.   If you're umming and ahhing about Rome, um and ah no longer - make your payment today at the Online Store.

CAA Field Trip - Rome 2017 - Monday 27th Feb - Friday 3rd March / £350

Go here to pay at the Online Store today!

Don't hang about! Our ability to make this trip happen relies on you!  Can you please ensure that you share this notification widely.

If you want to go, but won't be able to make the Thursday deadline - can you please email me now, as if there are a few of you in this position, I may be able to go back to the travel agent and push back the date - but no promises.

Come on CAA - let's get this show on the road!


  1. Ahhhh!!! I really want to go :'( we've spread the word many times

  2. I'll be paying later tonight/tomorrow :)


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