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FAO CAA Yr 1: Reminder: Wednesday Is Your Invisible Cities OGR

Just reminding you that your Invisible Cities OGR is on Wednesday 5th October.  Go here for the original post, which gives you clear instructions as to what you need to present and how to present it - no exceptions please.  One purpose of your OGRs is to give you clear targets in regards to keeping your project management on track.  By the end of Wednesday, you should seek to be completely up-to-date in all aspects of your first year work so far - Maya tutorials, animation exercises, Illustrator exercises, Photoshop exercises, film reviews (including this Tuesday's King Kong) - in addition to the specific requirements of your Invisible Cities projects.  You should include hyperlinks to this content as part of your OGR.

I'll begin responding to the OGR presentations on Thursday at 9am.  Feedback will follow as comments on your OGR post.  I'm very much looking forward to visiting your chosen cities!