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FAO CAA Year 2: Narrative Collaboration Project / Online Greenlight Review

Friday 21st October is your Narrative (Collaboration) Greenlight Review

Your OGR is to be presented as a single graphically designed PDF presentation (excluding video or audio) uploaded to your studio blog (via scribd). It's cover and overall design should reflect your studio's branding and the theme of your animated film. 

Your presentation should also include...

1) Your studio name (brand development) & your own names.
2) The sentence, conlfict, & genre.
3) The allocation of roles.
4) An overview (logline) of your core idea.
5) A brief explanation of how you've incorporated your genre.
6) A Script.
7) A Storyboard.
8) An Animatic: This may be a moving storyboard or a series of experiments such as editing sound or existing footage to gain insight into the beats of your story.
9) An Approach to Visual Storytelling: Give a brief explaination of how style and limitation is driving your stotytelling experience.
10) Production Design (beginning to current): Evolution of Character, Environment, & Prop Designs.
11) Sound Design: Any experiments that have been made towards creating a soundscape.
12) Production (Technical Sign Off): An explination of how pratically you're going to approach this work.
13) A Timetable / Plan: Give a brief overview of how the reminder of the project will be organised.

Finally as second year students and as veterans of OGR's you are experienced and therefore capable of making judgments regarding what is suitable for a presentation in which the goal is to gain the go-ahead to move into production. Use your instincts around what you feel is the most appropriate and right amount of information. Feedback will be given in person during tutorials on Tuesday 25th October. The times are:

10.30am: Group 4 - Krissy, Pip, Katie.
10.50am: Group 2 - Danielle, Eleanor, Beccy.
11.10am: Group 7 - Ian, Aureo, Bradley, Hannah.
2.20pm: Group 5 - Almu, Rebecca, Tom.
2.40pm: Group 6 - Danni, Tom, Rhys, Sam.
3.00pm: Group 3 - Mark, Louis, Manisha.
3.20pm: Group 1 - Joe, Thomas, Dee.