Wednesday, September 21, 2016

FAO CAA Yr 2 & 3: Animation Fridays & You - A Reminder

This is just a reminder to our second and third years that Friday is 'Animation Friday' for the first years, which means they'll be working on the PCs and Macs in the baseroom and on some of the PCS in the Blue Room - and they'll also be in DM5 with Simon.  There are 31 first years, which means groups of 15/16.  This means there should be 4-5 spare PCs in the Blue Room and likewise in DM5 on Fridays, but you should be aware that classes are going on around you and certainly seek permission from Simon Holland first if you want to work in and around his classes.  I'm pretty sure it will all work out, but Friday's are busy across the suite of computers and I wanted you to be aware.  If you could ensure the message gets out there, I'd appreciate it.  Many thanks.

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