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FAO CAA Yr 1: Your Official Groups As Per Your Course Timetable

Dear all - see below: your official A/B groups as they align with your Term 1 timetable rotations. You're all in on Monday for either Maya or Photoshop @ 10am.  Please arrive nice and early and gather in the CAA baseroom - from there, I will direct you to the appropriate room and make sure there are no lost sheep.  Remember to bring your Wacom tablets if you have them, and also come prepared to take notes, as there'll be lots of information for you to absorb.  See you Monday, and please use your social networks to ensure your classmates have seen this information.  Many thanks.

Group A

Samuel Avery 
Jennifer Ball*
Jess Bennett
Laura Boots 
Michael Brook 
Ruth Cann 
Ciaran Caul 
Michaela Cernejová 
Kerry Cook 
Alexis Cornwell 
Rhiannon Crouch 
Graeme Daly 
David Green 
Noah Greenhalgh 
Polly Gwinnett 
Rachael Holyhead 

Group B

Maddi Iden 
Evelyn Irwin 
Michael Kuku 
Paris Lucke 
David Mccleery 
Greta Mongyik 
Alex Park 
Eleanor Row 
Jack Rushton 
Anabel Saise 
Thanachot Singsamran 
Joel Smith 
Anastasija Strelcova 
Karolina Urlikyte 
Joseph Warrilow 

*except Wednesday this week, when you're joining Group B instead.