Wednesday, August 24, 2016

FAO CAA Years 2 & 3 / Rome / February 27th - March 3rd / Any Takers?

This is a very early shout-out to see if students might be interested in picking up where we left off last year and getting ourselves off to Rome for a 5 day adventure in late February 2017. In all previous years, participating in a field trip has meant missing a week of your timetabled classes - but not so this year. You will have noticed that as part of your Term 1 timetable there is a 'study week', which is repeated in Term 2. These study weeks simply mean that you have no scheduled classes with tutors. That said, you're still getting as many timetabled weeks as in all previous years. Short version is the proposed Rome trip would take place in your Term 2 study week, which hopefully means more of you will feel happier at taking up this extra-curricular activity.  As in previous years, CAA alumni are welcome to accompany us.  You might also be interested to know that the course would be going solo in this instance, so not a shared trip with Creative Arts for Theatre & Film.

Unfortunately, last year's trip was cancelled because of a lack of student interest and I know many of you were disappointed.  In terms of student numbers, we'd be looking at taking at least 40 across all 3 years, but we could no doubt take more if the interest was there.

So, it's a long way off, but I will need to start organising this trip as soon as the new term starts, so get the word out and give me an idea, via a comment on this post, if you're interested.  The likely cost of the trip will be £300 or so, as per the cancelled trip.  I'll be able to get a better idea of the price once I have an idea of the numbers of students interested.  If you could use your social networks to get this information shared widely, that would be appreciated.  Many thanks.