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Post With The Most New Designers Special Edition 05/07/2016

Welcome to this special edition of the Computer Animation Arts Post With The Most, in which we showcase the work of our graduates exhibiting now at this year's New Designers show at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London.  I suggest you prepare your 'buffering face', as this PWTM is a doozy.

New Designers is an annual showcase of the very best in graduate design from universities around the UK. New Designers is affiliated with scores of leading companies and organisations which recognise the value of design education and its contribution to the UK's creative industries. Graduates of Computer Animation Arts have won multiple awards at New Designers and secured internships, commissions and employment.

Behind the scenes, the course team have been working hard to prepare for the show, and we have a number of generous creative collaborators to applaud: thanks to CAA alum and all-round whizz, Ethan Shilling for visualising the stand, preparing all the art work, the dents and so much more: to Dave McGregor at Flip File Displays for his sponsorship and warm, heartfelt support for our graduates; thanks as always to Paul Wallace at Sound In The City, who is always so supportive of our hare-brained schemes and is kind enough to cut us a deal - and loan us his whopping 80" screen; to Robin Begley at ICE London Display Ltd, who sorted all our printing (and boy, was there a lot of printing!), and to Tim Hall at Kent Lasers who fabricated our stand so magnanimously, turning Ethan's computer visualisation into some pretty hefty MDF structures. Putting this show together is no small undertaking and we couldn't have accomplished it without you.  Thanks must also go to the entture Computer Animation Arts community, who, via our Tombola Of Dreams raised more cash for the cause; honestly put, without your support, folks, we couldn't get done what we need to get done. You made all of this happen too.

Since the submission of their year three projects, our exhibiting graduates have been working hard to polish their final pieces in readiness for their stint on Upper Street. It takes perseverance, professionalism and no small amount of grit to roll up your sleeves and go back to a creative project, so it's with real pride and great pleasure I present to you our Class of 2016 @ New Designers 2016.

Final render / Espial

Art Of / Espial

Espial / Will Huntley / July 2016

Final render / The Bog Goblin

Final render / The Bog Goblin

Art Of / The Bog Goblin

The Bog Goblin / Rosalyn Fenton / July 2016

Final render / Skye

Final render / Skye

Final render / Skye

Art Of / Skye

Skye / Anthony Faulkner / July 2016

Art Of / Taxonomy Of Laughter

Taxonomy Of Laughter / Ruby Newland / July 2016

Final render / Warning!

Art Of / Warning

Warning / Ayunie Adiana / July 2016

Final render / The Leftovers

Art Of / The Leftovers

The Leftovers / Josh Aldis / July 2016

Oxygen final render / Elements Academy

Hydrogen Twins final render / Elements Academy

Iron final render / Elements Academy

Art Of / Elements Academy

Elements Academy / Danny Rollings / July 2016

Final model / Orb

Art Of / Orb

Orb / Scott Turner / July 2016

Final render / The Rob-O-Matic

Art Of / The Rob-O-Matic

The Rob-O-Matic / Adam Stone / July 2016

Art Of / Legends Of Grimm

The Beast walk, run & idle / Legends Of Grimm

The Beast wireframe / Legends Of Grimm

Humbug final render / The Phantom Tollbooth

Milo final render / The Phantom Tollbooth

Art Of / The Phantom TollBooth

The Phantom Tollbooth teaser / Sukhi Ghai / July 2016

Final render / Diaa's Journey

Art Of / Diaa's Journey

Diaa's Journey / Nadia Yadallee / July 2016

Final render / Captain Wonder & The Mysterious Device

Final render / Captain Wonder & The Mysterious Device

Captain Wonder & The Mysterious Device / Tom Boothby / July 2016

Digital matte painting / The Daydreamer

Digital concept painting / The Daydreamer

Art Of / The Daydreamer

The Daydreamer / Sam Cannon / July 2016

The Last Word...

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
Ursula K. Le Guin


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