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Free Money!.... Well Kind Of

Hi people of the CAA community, one of my colleagues is working on a project and requires some students for a focus group, allegedly it should only take a couple of hours. I appreciate that most of you lovely individuals are holidaying and making the most of not being here.... (cough... Maya Tutorials... cough.... Drawing ... cough cough), but where else would you get this fabulous opportunity. 

The official gumph is below:

 Earn £20 for giving us (James) your feedback

UCA staff have been working on a learning development project that revolves around student learning. The end result of this will be a group of digital resources and activities, whereby students will gain a better understand of how to enrich their knowledge of learning technologies to enhance research, study and career opportunities.
We are looking for students to try out these digital resources and activities, so that we can gather feedback. Students taking part in the focus group will each be given at least a £20 love to shop voucher for their kindness in helping the future generations of UCA students.
If you would like to take part, please email myself at to confirm you would like to attend.
There are a limited number of vouchers we can give out, so letting me know in advance will be key to participating.
Date: 25th July
Time: 10:30am
Room: Either DM1 or DM2 on the lower 4th floor, UCA Rochester Campus
NB: about Love to Shop vouchers

 Make James a happy boy.