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FAO Year 3 (to be!): Ideas Surgery / Monday 25th July @ 2pm

This is a message for our incoming year 3 students... On Monday 25th, starting at 2pm, I'd like to host an 'Ideas Surgery' as we prepare for your final year on Computer Animation Arts.  What I'm preposing is that anyone interested in cracking their concept before the start of the new academic year  joins me in the CAA Baseroom for an informal, high-energy brain-storming session.  I want this session to be in a group, because that's how good ideas get started nice and fast. There will be paper.  There will be pens.  There will even be donuts! 

In order to prepare for the ideas surgery, you need to have answered the following questions and bring your answers with you:

1) What has been your strongest CAA project so far - and why?
2) What has been your weakest CAA project so far - and why?
3) What has been your favourite CAA project so far - and why?
4) How do you get your ideas?
5) How do you design?
6) What excites you about animation and CGI?
7) What scares you about animation and CGI?
8) What do you want at the end of your final year?
9) How do you want to make a living in animation and CGI?

I'd like an idea of numbers, so if you're interested in attending, then do please leave a comment here (just so I can ensure there will be enough donuts obviously!).  See you on the 25th @ 2pm!


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