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CAA @ New Designers #12 : "What Goes Up Must Come Down"


It's always a bit sad when New Designers comes to an end - and it always ends with a rush and tumble of MDF, as once pristine exhibition stands are pulled down with unseemly speed and brutality. But let's not start moping - let's just call this the end of the beginning!

I just want to say a personal thanks to our Class of 2016 - you've been a fun a lot to have around and we'll miss you.  Thanks too for all your help in getting the CAA stand down the stairs and back into the van - you made a sometimes difficult moment rather effortless - much appreciated, and thanks to Hannah and Rosie for the photography!  Now go take a well-earned rest - you deserve it!


  1. Well done guys! All the best for what's coming next :)


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