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CAA Alumni: Sam 'Class of 2016' Cannon & The Daydreamer

We've just come back from Islington after showing at this year's New Designers show at the Business Design Centre.  Sometimes we come back with a bit of nice silverware for the Computer Animation Arts' trophy cupboard and sometimes we don't.  This year we didn't garner any of the ND16 gongs, but Sam 'Class of 2016' Cannon's animated short The Daydreamer came runner-up in both categories of the ND Screening Award - the Judge's Choice and the People's Vote.  The ND judges visited the stand and took Sam to one side to congratulate him on his film and to offer up some face-to-face careers advice.  Later, following the announcement of the People's Vote, Sam was reassured there were 'just a few votes' between Sam's film and the winning entry.  No posh certificates then in smart black frames, but we're very proud of Sam - indeed of all our grads whose films were selected for the awards - so I invite you to journey again with Sam's daydreaming commuter as he encounters traffic light giraffes and postbox jellyfish!

Sam Cannon / CAA Class of 2016

Concept painting / The Daydreamer

Concept painting / The Daydreamer

Concept painting / The Daydreamer