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FAO ND Exibitors: Your Arts Thread Portfolios & Alan's Video File 'Health Check'

This is a reminder for you to ensure you complete your Arts Thread portfolio pages - which is another New Designers-affiliated platform by which to foster more chances for influential people to view your work.  Some of you have made a start, and some of you have completed your pages already - for example, Rosie and Ant - take a look.  I want all ND2016 exhibitors to have representation through Arts Thread - and don't wait until the show is on to get this done; get it done today.

Some of you are posting your completed films and ND2016 turnarounds: can you please send your ND video files to Alan asap, so he can 'health-check' your export settings and gauge how well your film files will player via the media-players we'll be using at the show.  This is really important: we don't want any broken-hearted graduates whose films are stuttering or glitching.  As published previously, your deadline for completing your films is Friday 1st July, but before that date, we want to be able to have previewed your animations on the media-players.  Send Alan what you've already completed on Monday, and get everything else to him to check within the final week.  Many thanks!


  1. I've attempted to upload my project on Arts Thread through numerous browsers but I always get an error saying 'Please Enter At Least One Image Or Video For Your Project' when I go to save. Is there any knack to getting around this? (It definitely recognised my video URL and images.)

    1. Get in touch with Rosie or Ant - as it appears they've completed their uploads?

    2. What I have found is you aren't allowed to save it unless you have filled in everything to do with the project. It might be the cover image that it is asking for on the left hand side?

    3. Yeah even with everything filled in it's not happening. May just be an issue with file sizes.


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