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FAO CAA Yr 3 / Your New Designers Submission Deadline / Friday July 1st @ 5pm

2 weeks tomorrow (Monday 4th July), we'll be driving up to the Business Design Centre to commence the installation of the Computer Animation Arts exhibition stand 2016!  After this point, Alan and I become hugely busy and preoccupied as we seek to ensure that everything is ready for you and running smoothly.

In this previous post I listed all the things you need to be organising, so do please check back and see if you're on schedule.  Alan will need all your definitive video files by no later than 5pm on Friday July 1st - this includes your final film and any turnarounds you're creating for the stand.  It's really important that you hit this target, as after this point, the course team needs to be doing other things and late-submissions create a lot of unnecessary stress.

Your ND2016 Submission deadline is Friday 1st July @ 5pm

This means, as of tomorrow - and including deadline day - you've got 12 days left.

Remember too that I'll need your finished films and up-date Art Ofs on your blogs before Sunday 3rd July, as I'll be publishing the PWTM New Designers Special Edition and I need to be able to share your work accordingly.  I also need your final run-times of your films if you haven't yet provided me with this information.

Best of luck with the final push everyone - not long now!