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FAO CAA Yr 3: Post With The Most New Designers Special Edition & What I Need From You!

Me again!  Okay, so as part of our annual New Designers shizzle, the June Edition of the PWTM is a New Designers Special, featuring exclusively the work of the exhibiting graduates.  It's another way we can get more eyes looking in your direction and promote the exhibition itself.

The publishing date for the PWTM ND16 Special Edition is Sunday July 3rd @ 9pm.  What this means for you is that before this date you must have updated your blogs with your definitive animations and Art Ofs, so I can access them and embed them accordingly.  I'd also like to be able include 3 gorgeous promotional renders from your completed films (as I can use these on Twitter etc). 

So please ensure that your respective blogs are updated with your definitive films & Art Ofs (+ promotional eye-candy) before the first weekend in July.  Many thanks - and if you can ensure all exhibitors have seen this message, I'd appreciate it.  Many thanks.