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FAO CAA Yr 3: Phil Not Around On Wednesday or Thursday

Just letting you know that I won't be on campus on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  You've all got plenty to do, and I'll be checking blogs when I can, so do keep me posted on your all New Designers progress.  Things on your 'to do' list:

1) New Designers Screening Award: Deadline Friday 10th : Go here for submission guidelines - and remember you'll need to send your file via Wetransfer or Googledrive, so don't leave things until the last minute.  I suggest you ensure your films are with the good folks at ND2016 before 4pm on Friday.

2) Your 7 images: some of you have sorted these for me already, and some of you have previewed your choices via your blogs and received some feedback.  After you send me your seven images, there's a bit more work to be done with by me to get them ready for the printer.  For this reason, could you move this ask up your to-do list and get your images signed off and sent asap.

3) Your business cards: again, some of you have sorted these and are good to go, and some of you have had feedback, but many of you haven't.  Time to get some designs on your blogs.  

4) Set up your Twitter account: I am able to promote graduates on Twitter much more effectively and much more immediately.  Even if you're unsure of this platform's usefulness to you, do it anyway and you'll soon catch on. Once you've set up your Twitter account, find and follow @animation_arts and I can start to include you in all further ND-related tweets.

5) Organise your Arts Thread Portfolio page (as per my email today): Arts Thread represents another ND-affiliated means of self-promotion and putting your work where the outside world can see it. Yes, it's a bit more faff and something else for you to do, but make the effort now. Go here for the Arts Thread sign-up - and ensure you've got some killer visuals to hand.

6) Your Art Ofs: if you haven't done so already, I suggest you ensure you know how long the turnaround is on sending your Art Ofs for printing and the printing company sending them back to you.  Use this lead-time to schedule your timetables - what's the latest you can send your Art Ofs to print and still have them back in time for the start of the show on Wednesday July 6th?

7) Your 'Portrait' Turnarounds: see information below (which you all should have received by email).  If your project doesn't lend itself to turnarounds - no worries.

6) Perfect Your Animations!  If your film isn't ready or suitable for the Screening Awards - do not worry.  Your most polished version should be made ready to debut on the stand itself.  There's an 80" HD screen with your name on it and your work is going to look amazing!