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FAO CAA Yr 3: New Designers 2016 / Turnarounds / Fade Ins & Fade Outs...

Dear ND exhibitors... some of you have been posting your ND16 portrait turnarounds and it's suddenly occurred to me that we need to think about something else.  Your turnarounds will follow one after the other on the 40" screens, so we need to think about how they transition from clip to clip.  In addition to what you're already doing, can you ensure that your individual turnaround clips begin and end with white - so fade-ins from white and fade-outs to white.  I think we should agree on a duration for these fades to keep the rhythm of the turnarounds consistent on the stand: so -

3 seconds of fade-in / 3 seconds of fade-out

Some of you have designed your turnarounds so that the screen is empty (and thus white) and then your characters enter the scene (and then leave it).  If this is the case, then can you leave 3 seconds of 'empty set' at the beginning of your clips and then 3 seconds of 'empty set' at the end of your clip.

@ Scott - can you fade from white to black and then from black to white...

Can you use Facebook etc to get this amendment out to everyone - and apologies for not thinking about this aspect sooner!