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FAO CAA Yr 3: New Designers 2016 / Your Final Run-Times Please!

Dear ND exhibitors... as part of the information available to visitors on the CAA Show Stand, we're hoping to include a playlist of your films, giving your name, film's title, a short summary, and its duration.  The title and summary I can do, but I do need to know the final duration of the film you're going to be screening on the stand (as opposed to the version you've sent into the ND Screening Award).  Some of you will know this information already, as your films are already locked-down, and you're just polishing.  For others, this factor might still be in flux.  For those of you who can commit to a conclusive running time, can you leave a comment on this post giving me your run-times.  Many thanks - and can you use your social networks to ensure your fellow exhibitors are aware of this message.


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