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CAA @ New Designers #4 : 'More Paint + Posters!'

Okay, so the country might be cast adrift and going to the dogs, but meanwhile, work on the CAA stand for New Designers 2016 continues unchecked by the total car-crash that was the EU referendum. There's something soothing about getting on with something practical and achievable at a time like this, and lots did indeed get done: another coat of brilliant white to the screen booth and all 120 posters safely in their flippable frames - and thanks to Alan's long-suffering thumbs, the frames are now completely ready for assembly on-site!  The metal brackets for the flip-display units also needed a coat of white paint, so it was off to the campus spray booth this afternoon to do just that.  Lots more to do before Monday next week, but we're certainly getting there!

Oh yes, there will be lollipops!

The Master Plan!


  1. Hi Phil, sent you an email last week about new designers.

    1. Hey Brad - okay, yes - apologies - will post you an invite for Wednesday 6th to the address you provided.


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