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CAA @ New Designers #1 : It Begins!

And so it begins as it always begins... with a van-load of MDF and a lot of heavy lifting! Yes, it's New Designers season once more which means the mostly pristine CAA Baseroom has transformed into a dust-sheet enshrouded building-site, primed for painting, drilling, screwing, building, sanding - and more painting!

Thanks to the super-talented Tim Hall, who took our design for ND2016 and turned it into a whopping MDF reality, and our perennial thanks to Simon Holland, who drove the van and did more than his fair share of heaving and ho-ing to get Tim's build into the van and into the baseroom (well, most of it!).

Tim Hall - MDF maestro and all round good egg!

Clearly, there is a huge amount to do before showtime at the Business Design Centre and we're certainly going to have our work cut out this year in terms of getting everything sorted by the opening night on July 6th.  More updates will follow this one; until then, here's a bunch of moody photographs of seemingly random chunks of MDF and a dozen white chairs to whet your appetites!

The CAA baseroom dust-sheeted and ready to get in a mess!
But will it all fit in the van?!

Don't forget these!

It's getting rather snug in there!

No problem!

Later in the CAA baseroom... it looks as if we're building a ship. (We're not).

And it's not a skate-ramp either!

Some swish white headphones on a swish white chair...

Twelve swish white chairs on a swish soon-to-be white floor.

Yes, but what is it?!!

Look! A film noir chair!

Soon, rapt audiences will be sitting on these watching our students' animations!