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FAO CAA Yr 3: You Are Here / Tuesday 10th May / Final Submission

It's finally here - deadline day for your Major Project.  Remember you need to create a) your submission blogpost and b) ensure you copy your files onto the PC in the CAA Baseroom and sign your name on the register provided.  You need to do all these things before 7pm. Nobody should be running in with just five minutes left on the clock.  If you're travelling in from home, set out early.  Leave nothing to chance.  This deadline is as strict as it is official.  It's your last hand-in of your academic career, so let's make it nice and dignified, shall we?

Do all the basic things: check the version of the film you're uploading/submitting is the definitive final version of your respective films, and not some  earlier incarnation (students make this mistake a lot).  

Ensure you've proof-read your Art Ofs - yeah, yeah, yeah - I say it a lot, and now I'm saying it again. No school boy errors please (like spelling animation incorrectly - which tired students do a lot). Similarly, please make sure you're spelling everything in your blog submission correctly, and ensure too that your blog submission itself is presented professionally (you'd be amazed how many final year students just cobble their blog submissions together without previewing or finessing). 

Finally, Alan and I wish you the very best of luck as you put the finishing touches to your projects and never forget, you've all come a very long way to be here today.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
Winston Churchill


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