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FAO CAA Yr 3: Create A Preview Of Your 7 Images For ND16

At today's presentation I asked all students exhibiting at New Designers 2016 to select 7 images for the stand's flippable displays.  I suggested that you think about 7 ways to demonstrate your diversity of skills: the quick, vital energies of an early thumbnail sketch, the cleaner lines of a model sheet, a rich slice of lavish concept art etc.  Before committing to your 'lucky 7', I'd like you to prepare a preview of your respective choices so we can engage in some feedback etc. and ensure your choices are all working as hard for you as possible.  When you think you have your seven images, create a blogpost preview with an '@Phil' in the title.  Remember to make best use of the portrait aspect ratio; this might mean reconfiguring some of your existing art work to make it suitable.  I look forward to seeing your choices asap.  Onwards!